26 minutes , 2019, documentaire


Three stories of young Italian emigrants in Montreal: Barbara who lives with Ihab her boy friend a Palestinian from Syria; then Luca a homosexual talented research scientist who lives with his boyfriend and finally Claudia and Publio who have 3 children and a pizzeria.

Written and directed by Giovanni Princigalli

Produced by Paul Tana and Francesco D’Arelli for Italian Institute of Culture in Montreal  and School of cinema of UQAM University



Sarah Salem

Marilee Goulet

Emile Desroches-Larouche

Olivier Séguin-Dang


Jordan Choinière

Sound editor and mixer

Jordan Valiquette with the contribution of Bruno Pucella

Sound recordist

Alexandre Lefebre

Jacob Maroux

Jordan Valiquette

Music composer

Marie-France Gilbert